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The Greek goddess of wisdom and of women's crafts. She was also the patron goddess of Athens.

(AKA-22: dp. 7,080; 1. 426'; b. 58'; dr. 16'; s. 16.9 k.; cpl. 303; a. 15", 8 40mm., 10 20mm.; cl. Artemis)

Athene (AKA-22) was laid down on 20 January 1944 under a Maritime Commission contract (MC hull 1883) at Providence, R.I., by the Walsh-Kaiser Co., Inc.; launched on 18 June 1944. Sponsored by a Mrs. Emily Thornton; and acquired by the Navy and commissioned on 29 September 1944, Comdr. Edward R. Nelson, Jr., in command.

On 10 October, the attack transport got underway for shakedown training in the Chesapeake bay. She left the east coast on 7 November, bound, via the Panama Canal, for Pearl Harbor. Athene reached Hawaii on 26 November and began a series of training exercises. The transport sailed for Eniwetok on 27 January 1945 and continued on to Saipan, arriving there on 11 February. Athene conducted two days of training exercises for troops scheduled to invade Iwo Jima. She sailed on 16 February, with officers and men of the 5th Marine Division embarked, and dropped anchor off Iwo Jima on the 19th. Athene began discharging her passengers on 27 February and got underway for Saipan the next day.

Athene returned to Pearl Harbor on 28 June to take on more supplies. She put back to sea on 12 July, bound for the Philippines with intermediate stops at Eniwetok and Ulithi. The attack transport anchored off Leyte on 30 Jul For the duration of the war, she shuttled troops and cargo between islands in the Phililppine archipelago.

After Japan surrendered, she got underway on 7 September for Yokosuka. Athene was moored in Tokyo Bay on 18 September when, due to a typhoon I the ship collided with an LST. This necessitated a repair period at Yokosuka, which lasted through I October. One month later, Athene began a voyage back to the United States. She paused at Saipan to embark homeward-bound troops and finally reached San Francisco on 23 November. Athene returned to Saipan late in December to bring back more troops. While underway to the west coast, she developed boiler trouble and was diverted to Pearl Harbor on 14 January 1946 for repairs.

The attack cargo ship resumed her voyage on 18 January and moored at San Pedro, Calif., on 25 January. She then proceeded to San Francisco. Later that month, Athene was asssigned to Joint Task Force 1, which was the atomic bomb test unit at Bikini Atoll. Following her return from Bikini, Athene was decommissioned at Pearl Harbor on 17 June 1946. Her name was struck from the Navy list on 1 August 1947, and the ship was transferred to the Maritime Commission on 23 September 1947. She was sold in 1960 to the Union Minerals and Alloy Corp., of New York City, and scrapped.

Athene earned two battle stars for her World War II service.

Black Monday

Black Monday occurred on Oct. 19, 1987, when the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) lost almost 22% in a single day. The event marked the beginning of a global stock market decline, and Black Monday became one of the most notorious days in financial history. By the end of the month, most of the major exchanges had dropped more than 20%.

Economists have attributed the crash to a combination of geopolitical events and the advent of computerized program trading that accelerated the selloff.

Key Takeaways

  • Black Monday refers to the stock market crash that occurred on Oct. 19, 1987 when the DJIA lost almost 22% in a single day, triggering a global stock market decline.
  • The SEC has built a number of protective mechanisms, such as trading curbs and circuit breakers, to prevent panic-selling.
  • Investors can take pre-emptive steps in order to deal with the possibility of a stock market crash, similar to Black Monday, happening again.

Black Monday

22 life quotes from famous U.S. women

In honor of Women's History Month in March, USA TODAY Network looks at inspiring quotes from prominent American women.

Best known for her novel "Little Women," Louisa May Alcott wrote under numerous aliases instead of her real name until she was ready to commit to writing. (Photo: Louisa May Alcott Memorial Association/Orchard House)

Maya Angelou's "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" is the first non-fiction best-seller by an African-American woman. (Photo: Dwight Carter)

Lucille Ball was best known for her role in the TV show 'I Love Lucy.' (Photo: KINO)

Laura Bush, wife of President George W. Bush, was first lady of the United States from 2001-2009. (Photo: Rick Diamond, Getty Images, for GJ Memorial)

Former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton was the 67th secretary of State. (Photo: Mandel NGan, AFP/Getty Images)

Amelia Earhart was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. (Photo: PRN)

Judy Garland's most celebrated role was Dorothy in the film "The Wizard of Oz." (Photo: Warner Brothers)

Legendary actress Katharine Hepburn won four Oscars, a record for acting awards. (Photo: Vandamm Studio)

Jazz singer and songwriter Billie Holiday's voice made her unique. (Photo: Herman Leonard)

When the help of Anne Sullivan, Helen Keller overcame being blind and deaf to become a prominent educator and internationally respected humanitarian. (Photo: AP via Thaxter P. Spencer Collection, R. Stanton Avery Special Collections, New England Historic Genealogical Society-Boston)

Between 1961-1979, professional World Champion tennis player Billie Jean King won a record 20 singles and doubles Wimbledon titles. (Photo: Brad Barket, Getty Images, for Women's Sports Foundation)

Actress Marilyn Monroe is still one of the world's most famous sex symbols. (Photo: Milton Greene)

Before becoming the first African-American first lady, Michelle Obama was a lawyer and a city administrator in Chicago. (Photo: Mandel Ngan, AFP/Getty Images)

Former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis had two children with President John F. Kennedy: Caroline Kennedy and John F. Kennedy Jr. (Photo: Richard Avedon Collins Design/Smithsonian Institution)

Civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a bus to a white person. (Photo: Monica Morgan, AP)

Former first lady Nancy Reagan was also an actress in the 1940s and 1950s. (Photo: Rick Bowmer, AP)

Condoleezza Rice was the first African-American woman to serve as U.S. secretary of State. She served in President George W. Bush's administration. (Photo: H. Darr Beiser, USA TODAY)

Eleanor Roosevelt proved to be a socially active first lady during President Franklin Roosevelt's time in office. (Photo: Franklin D. Roosevelt Library)

Sheryl Sandberg is the chief operating officer of Facebook and author of "Lean In." (Photo: Matt Albiani, Bloomberg)

In 2009, Sonia Sotomayor became the first Latina to serve on the Supreme Court in American history. (Photo: Mary Altaffer, AP)

Gloria Steinem led the launch of the national feminist magazine "Ms." in the early 1970s. (Photo: Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images)

Oprah Winfrey became the first black female host of a nationally syndicated daily talk show in 1986. (Photo: Anthony Harvey, Getty Images)


On the night of December 29, 1916, a group of conspirators, including the czar&aposs first cousin, Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich, and Prince Felix Yusupov, invited Rasputin to Yusupov&aposs palace and fed him wine and cakes laced with cyanide. Though Rasputin eventually became rather drunk, the poison seemed to have no effect. Baffled but not deterred, the conspirators finally shot Rasputin multiple times. He was then wrapped in a carpet and thrown into the Neva River, where it was discovered three days later.

Although Rasputin was gone, the last of his prophecies was yet to unfold. Shortly before his death, he wrote to Nicholas to predict that if he were killed by government officials, the entire imperial family would be killed by the Russian people. His prophecy came true 15 months later, when the czar, his wife and all of their children were murdered by assassins amidst the Russian Revolution.

The Ainu, (Old Africans of Japan) – Oguejiofor Annu

The Ainu are the indigenous peoples of Japan and far east Russia. Although the true number of Ainu descendants living in Japan is unknown, it is believed that only 200 pure blood Ainu remain, most of these upon Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido.

Though the Ainu have their own language, they do not have a written alphabet. The language and the culture of the Ainus is under constant assault from the realities of their present life. Even the spoken language is becoming much rarer. Sooner or later the Ainu way of life may die out and only records of their culture, their wisdom and their stories may lie buried.

Genetically they more similar to dark-skinned groups found in Southeast Asia than the Japanese or Koreans.

In Japanese history the period between 10,000 and 400 B.C. is known as the Jomon Period. The people of the Jomon culutre who lived at this time are regarded as Japan’s first major culture. Many scholars believe that the Jomon people were Ainu or at least that the Ainus are the descendants of the Jomon People.

There are similarities between the two early peoples of Japan. The skull and facial structures of the Jomon people and the Ainu are similar to each other. DNA samples taken from ancient burials also indicates that the Jomon people were similar genetically to the Ainu but very different from modern Japanese.

Ainus and Jomons differ from the modern Japanese. Sampling analysis shows that modern Japanese are similar genetically to modern Chinese and Koreans.

It is not denied that modern Japanese are settlers from the Chinese mainland and Korea. They are linked to Chinese and Korean peoples not Jomon and the Ainus people, the original people of Japan.

Archaeologists have found Japanese-style Jomon pottery fragments on Vanuatu (a Pacific island east of Papua New Guinea and 6,000 miles south of Japan) dated to 3000 B.C. This suggests a cultural connection between the two cultures living so far away from each other.

The Ainus suffered and still suffer a lot of discrimination. They face discrimination in getting jobs and social benefits. Their children face discrimination and bullying at school. They are called “inus” the Japanese words for dogs.

At the start of 20th century, the Ainu language was suppressed by the majority Japanese. Their settlements were uprooted, they were forced to assimilate as lower class Japanese, and they were given land and neighbourhoods rejected by the majority Japanese.

One can assess the level of racism against the Ainus when it is realized that the modern Chinese/Korean descended Japanese pretend that they are indigenous, rather than settlers and they down-play the fact that there were original black muurish Japanese.

Perhaps it is because they stole the land from the indigenes. Perhaps they do not want to recall the true owners of the beautiful land which they stole, the land belonging to another Asiatic black people, the Ainus, the last Muurs of Japan.

یواس‌اس آتنا (ای‌کی‌ای-۲۲)

یواس‌اس آتنا (ای‌کی‌ای-۲۲) (به انگلیسی: USS Athene (AKA-22) ) یک کشتی بود که طول آن ۴۲۶ فوت (۱۳۰ متر) بود. این کشتی در سال ۱۹۴۴ ساخته شد.

یواس‌اس آتنا (ای‌کی‌ای-۲۲)
آب‌اندازی: ۲۰ ژانویه ۱۹۴۴
آغاز کار: ۱۸ ژوئن ۱۹۴۴
اعزام: ۲۹ سپتامبر ۱۹۴۴
مشخصات اصلی
وزن: ۴٬۰۸۷ long ton (۴٬۱۵۳ تن)
درازا: ۴۲۶ فوت (۱۳۰ متر)
پهنا: ۵۸ فوت (۱۸ متر)
آبخور: ۱۶ فوت (۴٫۹ متر)
سرعت: ۱۶٫۹ گره (۳۱٫۳ کیلومتر بر ساعت؛ ۱۹٫۴ مایل بر ساعت)

این یک مقالهٔ خرد کشتی یا قایق است. می‌توانید با گسترش آن به ویکی‌پدیا کمک کنید.

May 2021

RCA - Issues accessing the Azure portal and other Microsoft services (Tracking ID KN22-39Z)

Summary of Impact: Between 06:52 UTC and 16:20 UTC on 20 May 2021, a subset of Azure customers may have experienced intermittent errors when attempting to access the Azure portal and other Microsoft and Azure services. Impact was observed across multiple services and regions to varying degree. Recovery time varied by service, and most services fully recovered by 16:20 UTC.

Root Cause: We identified a series of transient name resolution issues that impacted a subset of Azure regions. The impact was seen as follows:

  • 06:52 UTC to 07:10 UTC - regions in Europe
  • 09:00 UTC to 09:30 UTC - regions in India
  • 15:53 UTC to 16:20 UTC - regions in Europe (primarily UK)

The name resolution issues were caused by a code regression in a recent deployment to our edge DNS servers. The regression introduced lock contention issues which, when triggered, caused some processes on our edge servers to go into a paused state and stop serving traffic for some time. The paused processes auto recovered and started service traffic again. This led to intermittent query drops and degraded service performance. During this time retries may have been successful. The issue had a low probability of being triggered and it only started manifesting itself several days after the gradual deployment completed.

Mitigation: To resolve the issue, we have rolled back the recent deployment using our safe deployment practices (SDP) to a previously known healthy state, first to the impacted regions and then globally. After mitigation at 16:20 UTC, we continued to monitor the platform to ensure stability of the service both prior and during the roll back of the deployment.

  • Introducing software and hardware diversity on our DNS stack to ensure that a code regression does not impact the service resiliency.
  • Improving the stress/non-functional test coverage to handle additional fault injection scenarios.

Provide Feedback: Please help us improve the Azure customer communications experience by taking our survey: .

Microsoft Azure Portal - Intermittent Portal Access Issues (Tracking ID GVD7-RDZ)

Summary of Impact: Between 15:24 UTC and 17:55 UTC on 10 May 2021, customers may have experienced intermittent 500-level errors or an intermittent latency when accessing the Azure portal. Azure services were not affected.

Preliminary Root Cause: The Azure portal frontend endpoints in the US North Central region experienced an increase in CPU usage, causing some instances to not serve traffic as fast as expected.

Mitigation: We rerouted traffic around the unhealthy region and scaled out CPU resources in adjacent regions to handle the increase in traffic.

Next steps: We sincerely apologize for the impact to affected customers. We will continue to investigate to establish the full root cause and prevent future occurrences. Stay informed about Azure service issues by creating custom service health alerts: for video tutorials and for how-to documentation.

Azure Speech Service - West Europe - Mitigated (Tracking ID LLL3-LTZ)

Summary of Impact: Between 06:45 UTC and 11:35 UTC on 04 May 2021, a subset of customers using Azure Speech Service in West Europe may have experienced failures with online transcription, batch transcription, custom speech, and translation.

Preliminary Root Cause: We have determined that during recent deployment a part of the code lost access to KeyVault, preventing the App Service that Azure Speech Service is dependent on from running as expected.

Mitigation: We have restored the access to the KeyVault to mitigate this issue and enable the App Service to run as expected in turn bringing Azure Speech Service back to healthy state.

Next steps: We will continue to investigate to establish the full root cause and prevent future occurrences. Stay informed about Azure service issues by creating custom service health alerts: for video tutorials and for how-to documentation.

Why Kamala Harris’ Pearls Have a Special Significance

On August 19, 2020, Senator Kamala Harris accepted the Democratic vice-presidential nomination. When the suit-clad former prosecutor stepped up to the podium to give her speech, she commended the women who fought for the right to vote and the women in her family who nurtured her.

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“My mother instilled in my sister Maya and me the values that we chart,” she said, smiling at the camera. She added, “She taught us to put family first. [Both] the family you're born into and the family you choose.”

Then, she named an important member of her chosen family.

“Family is my beloved Alpha Kappa Alpha,” she said.

Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA)—one of the nation’s oldest black sororities, whose members include luminaries like actress Phylicia Rashad and poet Maya Angelou—had a profound impact on Harris’ life. The vice president-elect joined the esteemed sorority in 1986 when she was a senior at Howard University, a federally chartered historically black university (HBCU), notes Janelle Okwodu in Vogue. But Harris’ affiliation with the group didn’t end when she graduated—her line sisters would become close friends, and many of them encouraged her on the campaign trail by making donations of exactly $19.08, a reference to the year AKA was founded.

The senator’s tribute to AKA highlighted her affection for the group. In fact, her emotional connection to the sorority runs so deep that she wore a symbol in support of her sisters—a 34” necklace bejeweled with Akoya and South Sea pearls—to her acceptance speech.

A member badge for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, which includes the group's 20 pearls. (NMAAHC, gift of the Historical Society of Washington, DC and the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.) This is a pin for the National President of AKA. (NMAAHC, gift of the Historical Society of Washington, DC and the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.) This is a pin for honorary members of the AKA sorority. It features three ivy leaves and 20 pearls. (NMAAHC, gift of the Historical Society of Washington, DC and the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.) Another member badge for AKA that was created after 1908. (NMAAHC, gift of the Historical Society of Washington, DC and the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.)

“The strand of pearls speaks to solidarity among the members,” Glenda Glover, international president of AKA, told Vanity Fair’s Daisy Shaw-Ellis in a 2020 article. “It’s a great moment for AKA. For African Americans. For women. Whether she wears pearls or not, it’s an inspiration.”

Harris often expresses this solidary and has worn pearls at important events from her college graduation photoshoot to her swearing in ceremony as a United States senator of California in 2017. For this reason, thousands of women plan to wear pearls on Inauguration Day in support of Harris.

“Pearls represent refinement and wisdom,” Glover told Shaw-Ellis. “We train young ladies to be leaders and to make sure they have the wisdom to lead…and that goes hand in hand with the true meaning of what AKA is all about.”

According to Town & Country magazine’s Jill Newman, pearls have been a symbol of AKA for decades. Its founders are referred to as the “Twenty Pearls,” and every inductee is given a badge with 20 pearls.

The Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) has 15 AKA badges, pendants, medallions and pins in its collection. The objects were acquisitioned in 2011 along with various AKA-related materials, such as books and magazines, says Michèle Gates Moresi, the museum’s supervisory curator of collections. The DC History Center gave the artifacts to the museum following their travelling exhibition, � Years of Service: The Alpha Kappa Alpha Story.”

Some highlights from the collections include a Pendant for an AKA Member's Diamond Anniversary, which has a salmon pink and apple green AKA seal at its center. A diamond rests at the peak of the seal, honoring diamond members who were initiated between 1938 and 1939. Another item called, Pin for Honorary Member of AKA, is festooned with three green ivy leaves, each of which is adorned with a gold letter, together spelling AKA. The triangularly arranged leaves are affixed to a gold circle border decorated with 20 opalescent pearls.

Leadership is a principle that undercuts the “Divine Nine,” a group of nine historically black fraternities and sororities, which is formally known as the National Pan-Hellenic Council. Most of the Divine Nine were created in the early 20th century to foster communities of like-minded individuals and to improve the world around them, as Lawrence C. Ross Jr., author of The Divine Nine: The History of African American Sororities and Fraternities, told NPR’s Karen Grigsby Bates in 2020.

“You really begin to see development of African American fraternities right around 1906,” Ross said. “A lot of this is tied basically to the idea that college moved from being the place of the elite where they would just go to be able to get a degree as part of the educated class, to a place where college was part of the social and economic movement in society.”

Ross also emphasized that these groups were important for building a sense of belonging and accountability.

“Black people, and not just black people in the Divine Nine, understand that they are not in college simply based upon their own individual characteristics. And they have a moral responsibility not just to get a degree for themselves, but to also enrich the community,” Ross said. “They recognize the structure [of mainstream society] is intentionally created to denigrate them as second-class citizens. And what they're doing typically in the work of the fraternities and sororities is trying to deconstruct that.”

Ethel Hedgeman founded AKA in 1908 at Howard University with similar aims: She wanted to create a support network for black women so that they could uplift themselves and others. According to the sorority’s website, Hedgeman and eight of her classmates formed a group that, “fostered interaction, stimulation and ethical growth among members.” Five years later, the group was incorporated, which ensured its legacy. From its inception, the group has focused on learning, providing aid for the poor and advancing civil rights. By the time Harris gave her acceptance speech last year, the group’s numbers had ballooned to more than 300,000 members.

“We weren’t just told we had the capacity to be great we were challenged to live up to that potential,” Harris wrote of her AKA experience in her autobiography, The Truths We Hold. “There was an expectation that we would cultivate and use our talents to take on roles in leadership and have an impact on other people, in our country, and maybe even the world.”

In her acceptance speech, Harris spoke about how she wanted to have this impact, emphasizing that, “Every human being is of infinite worth deserving of compassion, dignity and respect.” She spoke about solidarity, about how it is necessary to work with others to create a better world.

Her message resonated with thousands of women across the country, and many of them plan on wearing pearls this Inauguration Day to support Harris. One Facebook group, “Wear Pearls on Jan 20th, 2021,” currently has around 375,800 members from 99 countries.

“When you think about a pearl, its created by the roughness, you know, and we have pearls in every color, shape and size,” says Hope Aloaye, founder of the Facebook group. “Pearls are linked to every woman.”

Though Aloaye is not a member of AKA, she still believes that championing other women is important and that wearing pearls can publicly display camaraderie, “[We] have women of every color, race, size, ethnicity and vocation,” Aloaye says. “We have one common goal, which is to represent women on the 20th supporting a woman.”

From bytes to bolts. Our expert engineers find and develop the very best materials to craft everything from powertrain components to composites and in-car controls. All designed and created in our headquarters in Croatia, our cars are handcrafted to perform far beyond expectations.

Down to the last detail

All designed and created in our headquarters in Croatia, our cars are handcrafted to perform far beyond expectations


Machining the moulds, tools and parts needed to create the finished product is carried out by Rimac professionals, who craft raw materials into working components ready to be rolled out to the production line.

Composites production

From carbonfibre and kevlar to copper and every element in between. Rimac's innate understanding of composites ensures every part, panel and component on Nevera is crafted to the highest possible standard.


Applying paint to get the perfect, personalised finish. The final stages of creating Nevera and crafting its surfaces for an exceptional appearance are performed in Rimac's specialist paint shop.


Only the finest materials make up Nevera’s upholstery. From the same high-performance carbonfibre used to strengthen and clothe our hypercars to lightweight aluminium and the highest quality leather. Like everything we do, Nevera’s interior is built to perform.

Components production

Nevera’s key components, from its battery pack, motors, gearboxes, and inverters, to the aluminum buttons on the steering wheel are designed and developed entirely in-house, in Rimac’s own unique way. Innovative, efficient and accurate – tailor-made components for a truly bespoke car.

Vehicle assembly

Assembly is the moment Nevera sparks into life. The coming together of carefully crafted components, bound by exceptional engineering and the most advanced technology. Completed by hand, in our in-house facility, our cars are then tested and perfected before the process is complete.

Multiple Indictments

Around this time, Schultz continued to grow his illicit enterprises, adding illegal gambling to his portfolio of profitable crimes. His gang operated slot machines and ran a policy racket, which was like a type of lottery. But Schultz was increasingly attracting the attention of the authorities and was indicted on a tax charge in 1933. He spent months hiding out before surrendering in November 1934. The following year, Schultz was tried twice for income tax evasion. The first case ended with a hung jury, and he was acquitted in the second one. But all of his time on trial had affected his business.

The authorities weren&apost finished with him yet, especially New York special prosecutor Thomas E. Dewey. He wanted to prosecute Schultz for his illegal policy business, but before that could happen Schultz was indicated on federal tax charges in October 1935. Still, Schultz blamed Dewey for his legal woes and started to plan to get rid of his nemesis. But allegedly his talk of killing a public figure made some of his fellow gangsters nervous, and they ordered a hit on Schultz instead, hiring members of the mob hit squad "Murder, Inc." to carry out the job.

Watch the video: What Happened To FPSRussia? The Curious Fate Of An Internet Legend. TRO (May 2022).


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