Bloom's Taxonomy: Analysis Category

Bloom's Taxonomy: Analysis Category

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In Bloom's Taxonomy, the analysis level is where students use their own judgment to begin analyzing the knowledge they have learned. At this point, they begin understanding the underlying structure to knowledge and also are able to distinguish between fact and opinion. Analysis is the fourth level of the Bloom's taxonomy pyramid.

Key Words for the Analysis Category

analyze, compare, contrast, differentiate, distinguish, illustrate, infer, relate, diagram, troubleshoot

Examples of Questions for the Analysis Category

  • Analyze each statement to decide whether it is fact or opinion.
  • Compare and contrast the beliefs of W.E.B. DuBois and Booker T. Washington.
  • Apply the rule of 70 to determine how quickly your money will double at 6% interest.
  • Illustrate the differences between the American alligator and the Nile crocodile.

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